David Hibbard

Oaxaca 2012
Los Angeles
Yosemite in Fall
Green Gulch
California Spring
The Dordogne
Woods 1
Woods 2
Olympic Peninsula
At the Tide Line 1
At the Tide Line 2
Point Lobos
Winter Beaches 1
Winter Beaches 2
Oaxaca 2008
Urban Work
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Morning Comes to the Farm Hedge and Shadows 1 Hedge and Shadows 2
Catching the Light Luminous Tree Watering the Garden
Anchored Hose Serene Buddha Encounter with the Cat
Buddha of the Fields A Quiet Corner of the Garden A Mist Settles into the Garden
Tangled Hose Covered Beds The Golden Hour
Field Study 2 Nasturtiums Pumpkin Field, Late Afternoon
Work Gloves Pumpkin Harvest Morning Light and Shadows
Drying Out After the Rain Rose Study Rose Bower
Field Basket Harvest Colors In the Field
Late Afternoon in the Garden Windbreak and Late Sun Early Evening

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