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Olympic Peninsula
Winter Beaches 1
Winter Beaches 2
Point Lobos
At the Tide Line 1
At the Tide Line 2
Woods 1
Woods 2
Yosemite in Fall
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Water Flowing out of the Mountain, Isle of Skye Foam Patterns, North Atlantic, Orkney Mainland Loch of Harray, Orkney Mainland
Nothingness, Ruby Beach Rock Forms, Ruby Beach Stark Trees, James Island in the Distance
Tangled Kelp, Rialto Beach Driftwood and Cobbles, Rialto Beach Gull's Feather, Rialto Beach
Beach Cobbles and Surf, Ruby Beach Surf Logs Heaped Up, Rialto Beach Tidal Pool, Ruby Beach
Early Morning on the Lagoon, Bolinas Lagoon Onrushing Wave, Point Reyes Beach Tropical Storm Sunrise, San Francisco Bay
Storm, Waimea Canyon Tropical Dawn, Waimea Beach Rain Cloud and Grasses, Kaua'i
Floating Leaves, Gazos Creek Untitled 5 Untitled 1
Untitled 2 Untitled 4 Untitled 3

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